Music of India – Tabla

A vital component of Yoga and Meditation’s surreal environment is the traditional music that accompanies these practices. The playing of Tabla is depicted in numerous ancient sculptures and paintings all across India. The Tabla is regarded as the queen of percussion instruments and today is a popular Indian rhythm instrument. Hindu University is undertaking teaching the essentials of thismusic to interested participants.


The components of its music are the beats (Taal) and the melody (Raag). The rhythmic component that provides the regular beat at various frequencies and tempos is most often provided by the Indian finger drums called the Tabla. It consists of two drums, the bigger base drum called the Baayan and the smaller frequency sensitive drum called the Daayan. These are played together to form a musical composition called “Taals”. The playing technique requires the player to use their fingers to tap and generate an incredible fullness of different rhythms that are awesome and entertaining.

Instructor and Instructions:

The Tabla classes will be taught by Sudhir Limaye. He was born and raised in the culturally vibrant city of Pune, India. He received formal training in Tabla from Late Pandit Suresh Samant for many years. Sudhir is himself a very versatile Tabla player with unique ability to accompany different forms of Indian music. He routinely conducts concerts in South Florida; where, he performs Hindustani classical, semi classical as well as light Indian (Bollywoodmusic) concerts.

The classes will start on January 22nd 2016 and the course will consist of 7 classes of Friday evenings at 7:00 pm. Each session will be of 40 – 45 minutes duration. Tabla sessions will be conducted in small groups with a recital at the end of the course. Both practical and theoretical aspects of Tabla will be included in the class withmore focus on practical aspects of Tabla playing.

Syllabus for the first course:

Brief Introduction to the Instrument and Terminologies: Introduction to Laya,Matra, Taal, Theka, etc
Tabla Vocabulary: Learn the basic bols (syllables) and finger stroke techniques on both drums.
Introduction to Basic Taal Structures: Learn basic keherwa taal, its bol structure and basic improvisation techniques.

The fees for a course is $150. The classes will be held at 5340 N. Federal Highway, Lighthouse Point, FL 33064, Room 204. At the completion of the course, there will be a formal practical recital, judged by Sudhir and peers and upon completion, the student will earn a certificate from Hindu University. To enroll please contact us at 754-444-9912 or email us at