Music of India – Harmonium

A vital component of Yoga and Meditation’s surreal environment is the traditional music that accompanies these practices. The components of this music are the beats (Taal) and the melody (Raga). The melodic component of this music is called a “raga”. A “raga” is based on the combination of musical notes and their durations to form a composition. Each raga has its own mood (“rasa”) and that is played to create an appropriate aura For example, there are ragas suitable for playing in the early morning, twilight or night and there are variations for winter, summer and monsoon. Hindu University is undertaking teaching the essentials of thismusic to interested participants.

Instructor and Instructions:

Hindu University will teach these ragas on (a) harmonium – or an electronic keyboard, (b) violin and (c) vocal. The Raga classes will be taught by Girish Dubal. He follows the music curriculum of Maharaj Sayajirao University of Baroda, India, in his teachings. Girish is known in South Florida for playing Harmonium at various musical events and occasions. He varies his melodic presentation to suit the taste of the audience; from heavy classical to soft inspirational to light Bollywood songs. It is this ability that he wants to teach his students.

The classes will start on January 22nd 2016 and the course will consist of 7 classes of Friday evenings at 6:30 pm. Each session will be of 40 – 45 minutes duration. The instructor will be teaching the ragas courses – on harmonium and keyboard. Classes will be conducted in small groups held once a week. Girish encourages augmenting the instrumental presentations with vocal recitations for interested students.

Syllabus for the first course:

Brief Introduction to the Instrument and Terminologies: Introduction to the notes and fingering techniques. Fluency of playing across the octaves of the keyboard with combination of notes and note durations.

Raga Vocabulary: To learn the basic notes that form the composition of simple ragas and their presentations in various chants and songs.

Raga Presentation and Theory: To enhance the above with practice and various improvisation techniques.

The fees for a course is $150. The classes will be held at 5340 N. Federal Highway, Lighthouse Point, FL 33064, Room 204. At the completion of the course, there will be a formal practical recital, judged by Girish and peers and upon completion, the student will earn a certificate from Hindu University. To enroll please contact us at 754-444-9912 or email us at